Planes, Trains, & Broken Strings

The Laughable but True Story of an Impoverished Indie-Musician Traveling the World

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Amazon Best-Seller List 2018

After losing his job, girlfriend, and life as he knew it, Tom decided to live out his lifelong dream of traveling the world. He turned to his guitar for income, sold most of his worldly possessions, and recruited two friends. The three of them set out with big dreams of grandeur adventures, only to realize a short way along that they didn’t have nearly enough money to support themselves. Soon they were sleeping under bridges, hitchhiking with drug dealers, befriending prostitutes, living as homeless persons, hopping trains, and finding all kinds of trouble to get into. 

Follow the hilarious true story of travel-gone-wrong, debauchery, and adventure as a broke indie-musician tries to find his place in the world, with the help of a cast of colorful characters he meets along the way.

BrianAmazon Review
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“The only time I was able to stop reading this book is when I was laughing too hard to continue.”
CaseyAmazon Review
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“Listen, I am NOT a person who likes to read. I had to force myself to put this book down at night to go to bed. We’ll worth the time to read it!!”
HannahAmazon Review
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“Truly a great story! It made me laugh out loud, a lot. It also pulled my heart strings- I may or may not have shed a tear. I recommend for anyone.”

Two Bucks to Timbuktu

The Ultimate Guide to Extraordinary Adventures with an Ordinary Bank Account

#1 in Budget Travel

Amazon Best-Seller List 2016

Two Bucks to Timbuktu is the ultimate vagabond travel guide. Wanderers of a musical persuasion will find it especially useful! 

Learn how to:

  • Get free accommodation anywhere in the world
  • Make money while you travel the world
  • Travel thousands of miles for free
  • Make money by playing music anywhere in the world
  • Get your own private hut on a small island in Thailand for $3 a night
  • MUCH more!

"Again Tom gives an amazing tale on travel and a ton of tips on how to do it."

Amazon Reviewer