Tune Up & Travel - the book!

When I started this website way back in 2014, I focused my writing efforts on a subject I know intimately: making a living—however modestly—as a traveling musician. Recording on the road, booking last-minute gigs, keeping your instrument safe, that kind of thing.

Given my somewhat niche area of expertise, the idea of writing “The Indie-Muscian’s Bible” seemed a bit… ambitious. There are folks out there who know a lot more than I do about booking tours, making money with music licensing, or raising money on crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo.

But then it occurred to me that those aforementioned experts might be just as excited to share insider secrets and tips about their specific area of expertise as I am with mine. 

And thus I give you, Tune Up & Travel—The Independent Musician’s Bible.

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Not Just for Travelers

The thesis of Tune Up & Travel is to create a business with your music that generates income regardless of location. Even if you have no desire to travel full-time, the beauty of making money anywhere is that you can make it, well, anywhere!—including your home. And wouldn’t it make it easier to take shorter trips whenever you want if you didn’t have to rely so much on gig money?

Too many indie-musicians are held hostage by income from live shows—even if it doesn’t feel that way to us most of the time. The idea behind this book is that you can increase your overall income with diversified revenue streams. In this day and age there are more ways for musicians to make money than we tend to realize: music licensing and sample library packs; unique merch that you can sell on your website with $0 up-front, paid-ads funnels to grow email lists and generate high-royalty album sales, the list goes on and on!

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