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The "Artists Abroad" group from left: Aaron, Corey & me upon our arrival in Bangkok
The “Artists Abroad” group from left: Aaron, Corey & me upon our arrival in Bangkok


So, some of you may be reading a couple of posts on here and thinking–“Who is ‘we’ or Aaron or Corey?” so I will attempt to heretofore explain.


Most of the older posts of this blog (anything before 2014) were migrated from my previous blog–you guessed it–Artists Abroad.


During the summer of ’13 a couple friends and I traveled through Europe & Asia. That was Corey, Aaron and me. During our first couple weeks in Asia, Corey had to go home early due to some personal issues. Afterwards, Aaron and I continued to travel through Australia and New Zealand together.

The trip lasted almost six months for Aaron and me, and was extensively catalogued in my true-story novel called Planes, Trains, & Broken Strings, available on Amazon by clicking here. The synopsis of the book sums up the story of ‘Artists Abroad’ perfectly:

‘After losing his job, girlfriend and life as he knew it all within the span of two short months in early 2013, Tom Edwards decided it was time to live out his lifelong dream of traveling the world. After turning to his guitar for income and selling most of his worldly possessions, he set out—along with two friends—with big dreams and grandeur visions of adventures.

Shortly thereafter when the realization was made that the group had nowhere near enough money to support themselves, he found himself sleeping under bridges, hitchhiking with drug dealers, befriending prostitutes, living as a homeless person, and finding all kinds of other trouble to get into.

Planes, Trains, and Broken Strings tells the hilarious and incredible story of an indie-musician trying to find his place in the world (both literally and figuratively) and mend a broken heart while he attempts to survive endless failures and bad luck. The more he travels, with the help of a cast of colorful characters he meets along the way, the more he learns that maybe life isn’t exactly what he thought it was.

The journey is made even more interesting when it’s learned that one of his travel partners may not be who he thought he was either. When endless heated arguments over money start occurring, Tom starts to wonder if he’ll have to continue the journey around the world alone. Follow the endlessly funny tale of travel-gone-wrong, debauchery and adventure in Planes, Trains, and Broken Strings and find yourself thankful for everyday comforts like showers, food, beds, and coffee. Maybe you’ll even learn something about yourself.’


If you think it sounds interesting, head on over to Amazon and grab a copy in paperback (US & Europe only for now) or Kindle (worldwide)!


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