Planes, Trains, & Broken Strings published December 2014

Book Release! Planes, Trains, & Broken Strings

The day is finally upon us. As of today my book is available on in both paperback and Kindle form!


It’s been a long, interesting road this past year. I started writing this thing a couple of months after I got home last December. It’s been chopped up, put back together, switched around, and dissected several times. FINALLY, it’s done. Finito. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. I’ve said from the beginning that people will either love or hate this book. Either it will piss them off and disappoint their view of me, or they will laugh their asses off and tell their friends about it. I don’t think there will be an in-between. This thing is riddled with fuck-words and tales of debauchery, embarrassing situations, sexual adventures and well, just plain fun. (And sometimes just plain not-so-fun.) I say this to warn people that the book isn’t for everyone. If you can’t handle copious amounts of profanity and/or are offended easily, please don’t read this thing. You won’t like it. If, however, you’re like me, and love a good laugh as well as a good risqué situation, jump on Amazon and press the “order” button 😉 Or if you’d like me to see (a lot) more royalty income out of your purchase, buy it directly from the printer, CreateSpace!

Planes, Trains, & Broken Strings is the Artists Abroad story, from start to finish. If you’re unfamiliar, just go ahead and skip to the synopsis below. So much crazy, sometimes awful shit happened to us during those six months, I wondered for a long time how I could ever consolidate it all into one book. I ended up having to leave a ton of stuff out to keep from rambling on forever, as I have a tendency to do, and tried to leave only events that were entertaining and/or relevant to the story as a whole.

Here’s the synopsis:

After losing his job, girlfriend and life as he knew it all within the span of two short months in early 2013, Tom Edwards decided it was time to live out his lifelong dream of traveling the world. After turning to his guitar for income and selling most of his worldly possessions, he set out—along with two friends—with big dreams and grandeur visions of adventures.

Shortly thereafter when the realization was made that the group had nowhere near enough money to support themselves, he found himself sleeping under bridges, hitchhiking with drug dealers, befriending prostitutes, living as a homeless person, and finding all kinds of other trouble to get into. Planes, Trains, and Broken Strings tells the hilarious and incredible story of an indie-musician trying to find his place in the world (both literally and figuratively) and mend a broken heart while he attempts to survive endless failures and bad luck. The more he travels, with the help of a cast of colorful characters he meets along the way, the more he learns that maybe life isn’t exactly what he thought it was. The journey is made even more interesting when it’s learned that one of his travel partners may not be who he thought he was either. When endless heated arguments over money start occurring, Tom starts to wonder if he’ll have to continue the journey around the world alone.

Follow the endlessly funny tale of travel-gone-wrong, debauchery and adventure in Planes, Trains, and Broken Strings and find yourself thankful for everyday comforts like showers, food, beds, and coffee. Maybe you’ll even learn something about yourself.


If you want to buy the book:

Print version is $16.99 (actually it’s around $13 right now on Amazon!)

Kindle version is $7.99 (if you buy the print version, you can get the Kindle one for an extra $2.99)

You can get it from CreateSpace here: Planes, Trains, & Broken Strings on CreateSpace (I get more royalties this way, but no worries if you’d rather get it from Amazon and save some cash!)

Or from Amazon here: Planes, Trains, & Broken Strings on Amazon (You can also buy the Kindle version here)

INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: You can also buy the paperback book from Amazon Europe. The Kindle version is available worldwide by searching your respective Amazon.

If you like the book, make sure to leave a review on Amazon! 🙂



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  1. Hey Tom! Just started reading your book. Only about 175 pages in so far. Its great. Stumbled upon your YouTube video on the Martin Lx1, then got the book.

    Great stuff!

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