Martin LXM Little Martin Travel Guitar – Review

Updated September 2019

I’ve used the Little Martin for around five years now. I’ve carried this thing all around the world and put it to the test through rain, heat and just about anything else you can imagine. In this video review I fully demonstrate my thoughts on the Martin LXM Travel Guitar.

An overview, for those who are unable to watch the video:

martin lxm travel guitar review lxm1e

The sound quality is where the Martin Traveler Guitar (Little Martin) really shines. It projects well for street performing and has a great full tone. The lows, obviously, are lacking—but that should be expected in any smaller guitar. Overall I gave it 9/10 because it’s not quite as good as a normal-sized guitar. Although, I don’t think it’s possible to do so in a smaller guitar anyways.

Durability has been exceptional for this thing. I’ve put it through things that should have annihilated it. It has yet to show any signs of warping despite being through a record heat wave for a month in Italy (and spending the whole of that time outdoors). It’s been through rain with no adverse effects as well and has been packed with sand on multiple occasions.

The weight is perfect if you want a match between size and sound quality. It weighs the same as the Martin Backpacker Guitar in my opinion (I own both) but sounds infinitely better.

The size is 2/3s that of a normal guitar. The Martin Traveler Guitar is larger than the Martin Backpacker guitar in width at the body. They are just about the same length. I have no problems carrying the Martin on the side of my pack as shown in this picture:

martin LXM little martin travel guitar Switzerland europe backpacking

The included carrying case included by Martin is perfect for what it is: lightweight and protective. I’m able to fit a soprano ukulele in the front pocket as well as shakers, a foot tambourine and extra strings. I’ve included a picture of the case with this setup:

Martin LXM "Little Martin" in its case with a ukulele in the front pocket
Martin LXM “Little Martin” in its case with a ukulele in the front pocket

I’d say the only real comparison to the Martin LXM “Little Martin” Traveler Guitar would be the Taylor “Baby Taylor” Guitar. I have not had a chance to use it yet, so a review is yet to come. For now, what can I say? If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable and great sounding guitar for traveling, look no further. The Martin LXM Traveler Guitar is your answer.

If you have any questions about the Little Martin, or want to share something I’ve missed with other readers, please leave it in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook!

Okay time to shill myself here—I need to eat, folks 😉

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    1. No problem! Man, I’m a huge Taylor fan. I’ve always wanted to try the GS Mini, but haven’t got the chance yet. Honestly, I’ve never ran into anyone else carrying a travel guitar of any kind while backpacking. haha surprisingly.

      1. I’ve played a few of them. They sound amazing for little guitars (for any guitar really)! Wondering about the size issue. If it would be a pain to lug around. May have to try it out!

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