Flip Or Lick – The Australian Drinking Game from Hell



First, a run down of “Flip or Lick” – Flip or Lick is a drinking game, the rules of which are simple. One person has a coin. They pick another person in the group and flip a coin. The person they picked calls heads or tails. The winner of the coin toss has to take a drink, and then tell the loser what to lick. If the loser refuses the lick, they have to chug a full drink.


So we were staying in the INOUT Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for a few days when we met Damian, or “Damo” the Australian. Damo is quite the character to say the least. The life of the party and the laughs for our time there. On our first night in the hostel, I ended up playing guitar for everyone, and had noticed people licking random objects, including other people, but hadn’t really delved into what was going on. (We had went close to 26 hours with virtually no sleep since this was the day of our flight and arrival and were exhausted)

We hung out with the “crew” most nights which consisted of Damo, Roddy and Lisa, both from Scotland, Jernej from Sylvania, who we just called “Sylvania” because no one could pronounce his name, Carlos from Spain, Will from the US, and a few other people. Most nights, when newcomers arrived to the hostel, we would join tables and they would become newly-acquired friends. On this night however, things were to be a little different. We joined tables with a new group: a couple girls from Germany, a guy from the UK, and an American guy and girl. The guy, who we called “Nebraska” was very annoying, and Damo took a particular dislike to the poor kid. Now I say poor kid just because of how his night ended up, as you will see in the video, not because he didn’t deserve it. Somehow during the game, it turned into one table versus the other rather than the usual group fun. The video kind of starts at this point, after the game had been going on for a while already. The night started to escalate quickly. The dirt floor was licked. Sylvania’s head was licked. Corey’s ear. The UK guy’s ass. And then the grand finale: Nebraska’s game-ending final lick. So if you feel like spending eight minutes of your time to see one of the craziest drinking games ever invented, watch away. If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, I would highly recommend at least watching the end of it! Cheers!

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