Begur Beaches: Paradise in Spain



So you’ve checked out Barcelona, and the famous Barcelonetta Beach, seen the Gothic Castle and all the other awesome sights the city has to offer, but you want some time away from the hustle-and-bustle of it all. We were looking for just such a place when we stayed there, and after a few days were given a great tip on where to find it.
We were staying in the INOUT Hostel, a little outside Barcelona. A local Spaniard we had became friends with told us about Begur over cervesas at the INOUT’s 24-hour bar and restaurant. In his words: “Barcelonetta is shit. You want clear water, beautiful beaches; go to Begur.”
We took a bus from Catalunya Square in downtown Barcelona to the airport, and from there took a bus north. The bus was only about 21.50€ and took us into downtown Begur. However, upon your arrival there, don’t make the same mistake we did. This was before we had purchased a plan for our cell phone, and had no GPS or map to tell us how far away the beaches were. We saw some signs directing us towards beaches, so we followed them and just took off walking. The road kept going back and forth, up and down and before we knew it we had walked four miles with full backpacks/guitar/cajon/grocery bags. We didn’t make it to the beach until close to 1am and we were thoroughly exhausted. We couldn’t find any trees, so we just pitched our hammocks between some rocks.


Turns out the rocks weren’t very stable. We had a couple of tumbles throughout the night!

Upon waking up, we discovered that the beaches weren’t as un-populated as we had hoped (there were definitely a lot of people) but that the beaches themselves were just as Carlos had described. The water was crystal clear, and the rock formations around the beaches were fantastic to look at. We explored the beach directly around us and quickly found that a short hike up a trail behind where we camped took us to a secluded beach, which we later learned was called “Red Rock Island Beach” because of the large red rock formation in the middle of it. There was a large rock staircase from the rear of the beach with the words “Plaja De Nudista” spray-painted on it, which was quickly explained by the scores of nude beach-goers hanging out. I know you’re probably imagining a bunch of old people running around naked, but if you’ve ever been to Spain you can attest to the sheer beauty of the women there. The ratio of attractive young women is unparalleled with anywhere we have been, and it was truly paradise on the beaches! We ended up camping there a second night, this time in “Plaja De Nudista” and befriended some locals, Stella and Mari, who we played music with, along with their friend Krishna. You can find a video of Stella and Mari performing one of the songs they played on our YouTube Page!


If you enjoy crystal clear beaches, and can handle (or enjoy) looking at nude people, head down to Red Rock Island Beach in Begur, Spain. It’s one hell of a great time, and worth the bus ride from Barcelona!



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