Tune Up & Travel - the book!

I’ve called upon folksy-friends from all walks of life to assemble the most complete “how-to” guide for independent musicianship.

Book Your Own Tours
Brian Ernst has toured 11 months out of the year for over 10 years
Nicholas Williams has raised $20K+ on platforms like IndieGogo and Kickstarter.
Make Money with Licensing & Sample Packs
Dean Palya is an official partner of Sound Stripe
Traveling with Instruments
Learn insider secrets for airline travel, gear recommendations for recording on the road, and more..
Paid Ads for Musicians
Build your email list and get your music in front of the right people.
Land a Cruise Ship Gig
James Van Der Maas has played music on cruise ships for over five years.

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Book / Audiobook Series

While maintaining a strict adherence to historical accuracy, each book in the HISTORY, F*CK YEAH series reads like a story—complete with splashes of humorous dialogue and modern quips of sarcasm.

A detailed guidebook on traveling the world on the ultra-cheap: From making money online to hitchhiking to finding free accommodation to starting an e-commerce empire free of strings.

The comedic narrative of my first trip abroad—a six-month round-the-world journey with two friends and a laughably insufficient budget.


Whiskey Kisses - Original Song

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress - The Hollies

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